VERGE Climate Conference | Xiye Bastida

A keynote presentation from climate activist and co-founder of Re-Earth Initiative, Xiye Bastida on the importance of indigenous knowledge and involvement in the climate movement.


When it comes to climate policy making (and policy making in general), there is an emotional and ethical disconnect. We have been taught that feelings and emotions should not be included in such decisions. But we need to become more sensible about the effects that policies actually have on people’s lives. Xiye Bastida emphasizes the need to include Indigenous Peoples and alternative viewpoints in decision-making to ensure a livable future for nature and people, especially for those in the poorest nations of the planet.

This video was premiered at Green Biz's VERGE Climate Tech, a virtual conference that brought together thousands of leaders from nearly 100 countries to accelerate the just transition to a clean economy.





Video Production


Green Biz


Design & Direction: Margaret To

Story & Narration: Xiye Bastida

Cinematography: Daniel Kelley


Visual Treatment

Xiye urges leaders of all sectors to include Indigenous Peoples and alternate point of views in their decision-making. We created light kinetic typography and clean line illustrations to highlight the key points of Xiye Bastida's speech, making these serious topics digestible and actionable while instilling a sense of urgency.

text: climate crisis was already here, environmental activist Xiye Bastida on the left, typography and clock illustration on the right

Thank you for authentically using your voice to advocate for your hometown, your peers, and your future. I am so inspired by your vision.

Attendee at VERGE Climate Tech Conference 2021


This video was premiered at Green Biz's VERGE Climate Tech conference in October 2021 and now available on demand for free. It was a powerful and pressing message shared with thousands of leaders from the private and public sectors, utilities, solution providers, investors and startups. Learn more about Xiye Bastida's story and interview here.


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