The Learning Garden

A video tour of The Learning Garden's herbal education, community programs, and their plans to rebuild this unique public learning space in Los Angeles

The Challenge

For over 18 years, The Learning Garden has connected the Los Angeles community with organic horticulture, hands-on gardening therapy, and cultivation practices. The garden also has longstanding partnerships with the UC Master Gardeners Program and Yo San University of Traditional Medicine, bringing students and the community closer to nature for healing arts and education on the benefits of plants in one’s life. In 2020, The Learning Garden faced the threat of being shut down permanently due to complications with a massive construction project on the garden site. The Learning Garden was looking to spread the word for community support and apply for grants to bring back their programs.


Creative Direction


Video Production



The Learning Garden

Film Stills

Interviews and b-rolls captured in our 2-day video shoot.



Learn more about our behind-the-scenes process in this Spotlight video. Hearing from founder Julie Mann and many garden volunteers, we learn about their experiences and future plans to rebuild this outdoor learning space in Los Angeles, showcasing the important community work The Learning Garden is doing. The Learning Garden submitted the video along with their proposal to the National Garden Bureau and won the Seeds 4 Good Therapy Grant to fund their regrow initiative. 

This is so beautiful. The video is poignant and perfectly captured the essence of the garden as is.

Jennifer Arrington, Grant Manager at The Learning Garden


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