Re:wild | Lost Species

Welcome to the Search for Lost Species, where we look for plants, animals and fungi that have been lost to science for at least 10 years — sometimes hundreds of years. All is not lost. We can protect and restore our planet.


This video introduces Re:wild's top 25 most wanted #LostSpecies. During the month of their launch, they featured the latest 8 lost species to land on their most wanted list, those that have been rediscovered since the launch of their Search for Lost Species in 2017, and some of the ongoing expeditions. The new list includes species of flora, fauna and, for the first time ever, fungi, that have eluded scientists for at least a decade — and usually much longer. We also featured artwork from two talented artists and environmentalists, Tyler Thrasher and Alexis Rockman. 

Along with the launch video, we created animated GIFs, Instagram stickers, and Zoom backgrounds of these species to optimize social sharing and engagement. 


Art Direction



Video Production



Design & Animation: Kari Pieterse & Margaret To

Artwork: Alexis Rockman & Tyler Thrasher

Music & Sound: Habitaat Music

Voiceover: Tyler Thrasher

Production & Social Engagement: Arnelle Lozada


Visual Treatment

We had the pleasure of working with the artwork by two artists, Alexis Rockman & Tyler Thrasher. Our goal was to bring these ink paintings to life with animation, and create subtle environments for these painted lost species in black and white line illustrations to complement Tyler and the paintings. 




This was a unique collaboration as a mixed media animation x live-action narration piece. We worked with Tyler Thrasher and the Re:wild team to provide live action guidance, making sure they were supported in the recording process as the shoot was done remotely. We timed out Tyler's narration and storyboarded the script, keeping in mind the overall goal of showcasing the artists' artwork, with animation as a supporting medium to enhance the storytelling.


We supported Re:wild's Lost Species launch across their social platforms, which continues to spark hope and wonder while celebrating lesser-known lost creatures that are as wonderful as the individuals who go out searching for them. Through our launch video and social campaign, we encourage the audience to help Re:wild support scientific expeditions to find lost species. To learn more about the Lost Species campaign, head to


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