Urban Farmers' Almanac for Angelenos

A guide to help you and your community become more resilient by making better, more sustainable decisions in your neighborhoods. Featured on Los Angeles Magazine for Earth Month.


Many people are increasingly concerned about climate change and feel overwhelmed with how their everyday decisions impact the environment. The Urban Farmers' Almanac is for any LA resident (and expanding) who wants to live more sustainably in an urban setting, but not sure where to start. From how we eat to how we travel to how we live, this guide provides tips and alternatives to make our transition to a sustainable lifestyle fun and easy. 

We partnered up with urban planner Jamie Hwang and led our team at Climate Designers to create this guide. See the full guide below or download a free PDF version here


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Chapter Highlights

Snippets from 7 chapters of the almanac, covering topics from seasonal food, composting, food justice, transportation, and how to support local businesses and organizations.



We hosted an interactive workshop at Climate Designers' conference covering the building blocks of how we created this guide. We created this toolkit providing a framework for anyone interested in building their own sustainable guide for their cities/communities. The toolkit includes our initial research and surveying, writing, branding, design, and distribution. Cities like Oakland, North Carolina, Oklahoma City, Seattle and New Jersey are now building their own Almanac!


The almanac is now available online for free and for print order on She Grows Cities. It was featured on LA Magazine on Earth Day 2021, and the print edition helped:

  • Feed hot meals to 100+ residents in LA with Community Cookouts
  • Support SOW Collective's Community Farm Stand in San Fernando Valley, which offers fresh produce and low waste products from local artisans

Learn more about the project at shegrowscities.com, and check out our toolkit to help build your own guide.


Such an amazing resource! Thank you for putting this together.

Rachael Gula, Climate Designer, Storyteller & Climate Advocate


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